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ZoomInfo InboxAI (formerly Komiko) is posting activity (email and meetings) data to Salesforce. This data can be used to build Salesforce native reports that show the number of emails sent/received, number of meetings, per person, per time period, etc.

Salesforce activities objects and also the Email object do not support the rich meta data that is part of an email and meeting. ZoomInfo InboxAI keeps this data along with the Salesforce data in its data platform.

It is possible to extract this data using the following fields/columns and import them into a BI tool or just use a spreadsheet for further analysis.

Please reach out to [email protected] for any additional info you may need.



MessageId Unique identifier
From Email address
To Email address
Participants List of comma separated email addresses
AccountId In Salesforce
AccountType Salesforce account type
AccountUrl Salesforce URL
AccountName Name
Subject Email/Meeting subject
DateTimeSent Date sent/received
ActivityDate Meetings date/time
Type Email Inbound, Email Outbound, Meeting
MessageType Email, Meeting
MessageDirection Inbound/Outbound
MessageSendMode Manual/Automatic (cadence tool like Outreach)
OwnerName Salesforce assigned to
IsCadance Is it part of a Cadence tool (Outreach, Salesloft)
IsReply Is it in reply to a previous message (part of a conversation)

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