Rolling up last outbound date and sender – example

Here are the steps required to roll up last outbound date of a sub-set of the users to the account level.

It is using Rollup helper which allows you to roll up content for related objects. It is using standard Salesforce technologies e.g. APEX classes and APEX Triggers to roll up info either instantly or in batch. The service is free for the first three fields.

There are two fields that are required: (1) last outbound date for a sub-set of users (2) user name. The fields will be added to the account level and their content will be rolled up from the Task object.

  1. Navigate to the Rollup Helper app and create a new rollup

2.  Select the accounts object

3. Create a new field – Last Outbound Date – Example

4. Select source field and start defining the required logic

5. Define a filter – to ensure that it only picks the right tasks

Here are the filters:

  1. Remove deleted record – default by Roll up helper
  2. Focus only on Komiko (ZoomInfo InboxAI) created tasks
  3. Focus on Tasks that are marked as [Out]. Here we used a formula field that picks the subject line prefix.
  4. Focus only on tasks that were assigned so a user that has the right job title.

That’s the outcome of the filter definition.

WHERE isDeleted = false AND komikoid__c != null AND inout__c = 'Out' 
AND owner.title LIKE '%VP%' ORDER BY ActivityDate DESC NULLS LAST LIMIT 1

Save the filter

6. Save and Run the rollup

7. Let it calculate the value for the first time

You are done.

8. The newly created field may not be accessible for the relevant profiles. So you may need to enable Salesforce access.

Same process can be done to the user that sent the last outbound email.

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