Salesforce Activity Report – Based on ZoomInfo InboxAI’s data

ZoomInfo InboxAI (formerly Komiko) automatically captures to Salesforce all emails and meetings that have been exchanged with your customers and prospects. Since it’s connected to the email source it can capture emails and meetings exchanged in the last 12 months or more.

Based on this data you can build activity reports in Salesforce. Here is a description of the way to do it.

Start by creating a new report based on activities.

Pick a report type – Matrix and then adopt the standard report filer fields to your needs.

Remove all fields except for the following three fields. You can obviously use a different set of fields.

  1. Assigned to
  2. Activity type
  3. Date

Drag the field as follows:

  1. Assign to to the left – vertical dimension of the metrix
  2. Date – to the top – horizontal dimension
  3. Activity type – right below the date

Change the date to display calendar month instead of the individual date

Click on the [Show} button and uncheck the [Record count] and [Detail] options. You may no be able to uncheck the record count.

Save and run the report. Please pay attention to the scope of activities shown which is limited by the role hierarchy.

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