New Engagements – Never miss an account or a lead

 1. Overview

You attended a conference and managed to collect quite a few business cards.  Right after the show you started reaching out to these people by sending them emails. But…you forgot updating your CRM. Which is not that surprising. Like many of us, your focus is on getting business and not updating systems.

Some of the people replied and you moved forward and created a lead or an account. But as you know most of them would typically not reply to the first email. And you find it hard to follow up. So you end up missing quite a few of them.

ZoomInfo InboxAI (formerly Komiko) will not let you miss anything.

It will send you a daily or weekly email with a list of external companies that you have exchanged email with. The list will include only companies that you have sent them an email.  Thus excluding emails with companies that are not interesting for you e.g. marketing emails. It will also exclude consumer email domains like,, etc.

Now you can easily decide which companies and contact people would you like to have in your CRM. You can either create an account with all contact people found, which is very useful for ABM (Account Based Marketing) or create leads for each contact person.

The following provides a details description of the functionality.

2. New engagements email

The new engagements email can be sent (daily or weekly) to any user that have sent emails to any domain which is not in CRM. Here is an example of the new engagements email.

The email includes a link to the account and lead creation environment.

3. New companies

It lists the different companies that you have been engaged recently. Allowing you to create an account and contacts:

  1. Convert – Create an account and all contacts found in email messages to CRM.
  2. Ignore – Do not create an account e.g. it’s a vendor, etc.
  3. Remind later – ZoomInfo InboxAI will remind you when you will send the next outbound email to this company (domain).
  4. Merge – do not create a new account. Add the contacts into an existing account that can be selected. It is the case when the new contacts are using a different domain than the one exist in CRM. For example you have as an account and the email came from Acme Markets which is also an Acme owned domain. 

Sometime the name of the company shown does not ring a bell. You can click on the account row and in the right pane see the entire timeline of emails, meetings and documents that have been exchanged with this company.

4. New people

Very similar to handling new companies. The list includes email addresses that are not in CRM. It supports cases when the email domain is not in CRM and thus ZoomInfo InboxAI cannot automatically create a contact and assign it to the right account. But it also addresses cases when ZoomInfo InboxAI is set to not create new contacts and when ZoomInfo InboxAI cannot determine the right account out of an account hierarchy. The actions that you can take.

  1. Convert – Create a lead in CRM.
  2. Add to account – add  the selected contacts to an account. After clicking on the <add to account> you’ll be able to choose the account.
  3. Ignore – Do not create a lead or contact e.g. it’s a vendor, friend, etc.
  4. Remind later – ZoomInfo InboxAI will remind you when you will send the next outbound email to this person.

Same as with accounts, if you do not recognize the lead or contact you can always view all emails, meetings and documents that have been exchanged.

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