Connections aka Account/Opportunity Team

To get a complete overview of your relationships with an account or opportunity, ZoomInfo InboxAI (formerly Komiko) will automatically identify the account or opportunity team. It is based on email and meetings exchanged with the account and the opportunity.

The information is updated natively into your CRM (Salesforce or Dynamics) so you’ll see it in your native UI and you’ll be able to use it for your reports and dashboards.

In addition, ZoomInfo InboxAI will also embed connection graph UI control into your native UI. The UI control will provide a full 360 degrees including all people that are engaged with the account or opportunity.

Same is true for opportunities. The main difference is the logic that ZoomInfo InboxAI is used to determine relevance of a person to the opportunity.

The logic – every recipient of an email will be added to the opportunity if: (1) the opportunity owner is either a sender or one of the recipients and (2) the opportunity is in an open stage e.g. qualification and not closed state e.g. closed won, close lost. ZoomInfo InboxAI will also identify 3rd party people and add them to a separate section in the opportunity UI.

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